The Magic Hours

Intermediate level. Moderate walking

Explore night photography in this challenging workshop-tour.
Sunset and night-time photography is challenging, both to your skills and to your creativity. The lights and the mood. The technique and the effects, the creativity and the surprising image.

The photographic technique

Exposure (manual or controlled for under-over exposure), ISO (sensitivity vs quality of image) , aperture/ƒ-stops (depth-of-field effect); shutter speed (motion vs still image); focal length; focus points; white balance and quality of light sources; fill-in-flash; low light photography techniques, and many other useful tips and advices (sweeping, panning, zooming, …)

The Image construction

The composition (framing, rule-of-thirds, fibonacci/golden spiral, strong points, geometrical composition, color “dialogue”), the “photographic speech”, the genres (photojournalist approach, architecture, photographic essay, dynamic images), telling a story with images (single image vs set of correlated images), still-life, landscape, the abstract image…

The Magic Hours

Duration – 2h30 / 3h
Price – 1 person 60€ / Small groups 50€ each

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