Down The Hills

All levels. Moderate walking

A balanced combination of a photography class and a photowalk.
Picking up on the level of knowledge you have, this workshop-tour will refresh or boost your technical skills, and challenge your creativity when composing your photos. The photowalk through the less-known streets and alleys of the Alfama quarter offers us the mood and the background to find the best photo-spots and capture meaningful images.

The photographic technique

Exposure (manual or controlled for under-over exposure), ISO (sensitivity vs quality of image) , aperture/ƒ-stops (depth-of-field effect); shutter speed (motion vs still image); focal length; focus points; white balance and quality of light sources; fill-in-flash; low light photography techniques, and many other useful tips and advices (sweeping, panning, zooming, …)


The Image construction

The composition (framing, rule-of-thirds, fibonacci/golden spiral, strong points, geometrical composition, color “dialogue”), the “photographic speech”, the genres (photojournalist approach, architecture, photographic essay, dynamic images), telling a story with images (single image vs set of correlated images), still-life, landscape, the abstract image…

Down The Hills

Duration – 2h30 / 3h
Price – 1 person  55 € / Small groups 45 € each

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