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"As Xávegas"

“As Xávegas” is the first of many photography projects we are happy to share in this space.

By photographer Pedro Pina Vasconcelos, this exhibition shows us a documental piece about the traditional fishing technique in Costa de Caparica, close to Lisbon, the “Xávegas”. The fishermen bring their boats and fish nets to shore, rounding up the catch of the day, while the curious beachgoers enjoy the arrival of the fish and buy them directly from the fisherman and women.

(Digital Photography, 2022)

LisbonPhotographe24 IMG_5533
LisbonPhotographe13 IMG_5571
LisbonPhotographe23 IMG_5438
LisbonPhotographe04 IMG_5490
LisbonPhotographe27 IMG_5596
LisbonPhotographe18 IMG_5528
LisbonPhotographe09 IMG_5480
LisbonPhotographe10 IMG_5555
LisbonPhotographe11 IMG_5563
LisbonPhotographe06 IMG_5421
LisbonPhotographe12 IMG_5560

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